The Cave of Living Vines

Upon approaching the face of this rock side which juts out of the jungle the tracks that we had been following seemed to lift up off of the ground. Broken branches and torn leaves as if from someone struggling against their bonds began to appear first 2 or 3 feet above ground, then 5, and 6 until I was unable to follow them anymore. I don’t like the feeling of this place, an adventure it may be but I’m interested in making it home alive also.

Among the side of the rock face, that we ran up to, a large cave opening greeted us. Vines and other foliage hung down around the entrance but i was able to pick it out quite easily. One thing became apparent immediately to me, giving me pause to enter and reason to halt my companions. Vines and plants of all exotic kinds were spewing forth from the cave, along the walls and across the ceiling. Every inch of the cave was covered in this vegetative carpeting, and it extended back, as far as I could see. “This is not Natural” I spoke to my waiting companions these vines should not be able to grow so deep in the cave, they must be feeding on something else…something sinister.

Weighing our options we chose to remain on high guard and venture in. The though of loosing two more crew to this catastrophe was too much for the Captain to take, and he would need our help if there were anything sinister lurking in that cave.

we entered the cave about 50 to 100 feet until noticing an unearthly glow coming from deeper in the cave. Then came the Ambush.

Most of us were caught unaware as small vines sprouted from the earth around us and lashed out as us with stinging barbs. Then a gruesome rumble came from deep in the cave as a monstrosity comprised solely of vegetable matter lumbered forth, it was twice as tall as the largest Half Orc I’ve seen and over twice the girth. It clomped it’s giant maw teethed with rows of thorns six inches long each.

After quickly dispatching of the vines with a number of curious methods, of not the least curious was Alex’s shooting of a bolt of energy from his staff which hopped from foe to foe, until it terminated striking our missing allies bound to the wall of the cave.

Captian Bartlo charged the monster and fought bravely, but the sea must have weakened him from the night before, or it wasn’t his destiny to make it off of this island, as he met his maker within the jaws of the horrible beast.

Shortly thereafter we felled it, having the goblin trapped in his jaws, but not mortally wounded.

At this point I ventured into the rear of the cave looking to the source of the strange glow. I found the source and in removing the stone was in possession of one of the Fabled elemental stones that The Shattered Isles are so well known for.

Maybe this trip was worth it after all…I didn’t really like that captain anyway come to think of it.

The Cave of Living Vines

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