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Character Class Journal
Mayhem Mentalist (Psion) Mayhem’s Journal
Scaf Swashbuckler (Swordmage)
Undrln TechnoFighter (Paladin)
Aidan Explorer (Ranger) Aidan’s Journal
Kassik Thief (Rogue)
Victor Automaton (Barbarian) Victors encyclopedia of creature encounters



From left to right: grave of Rolen, Undrln Nudd, Skaf (back), Mayhem (front), Victor, Kassik, Aidan

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Companion Character Rules



Character Page to HTML form This thing seems pretty cool, where you fill out the information from your character sheet then it reproduces a page as seen on the right hand side of the screen. The code for the page is posted at the top so that you can copy past and have a clean looking 4E character sheet for the web. I will try this out with Kithiriel for Inquisitive Arms.

Character Visualizer

Character Visualizer 3.0 ALPHA

The HeroMachine sites are pretty cool, the alpha one version 3.0 can do a lot of stuff like scaling items and rotating so you can get the look that you want.

Main Page

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