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Attack Natural 1 – Critical Miss Table (roll a d20)

1 : deal normal damage to yourself
2-4 : your weapon/implement has been damaged/shorted and you take a -1 item penalty attack until your ‘repair’ it during a short rest
5-8 : deal half your level damage to yourself
9-12 : misfire, take a -2 item penalty attack penalty until the end of your next turn
13-16 : deal your weapons enhancement modifier as damage to yourself (minimum 1)
17-19 : take a -1 item penalty to attack on your next attack roll
20 : normal miss

Attack Monster Crits – natural 20

Minions add their tier to damage (+1 Heroic, +2 Paragon, +3 Epic)
Monsters do max damage +1d6 per tier

Skill Crits and Failures

A 20 will always succeed at a skill check, a 1 will always fail.

Full Rolling and Descriptions

When you roll to make an attack, roll both the attack roll and the damage dice at the same time as if you were going to hit every time. We will see if this can help speed up combat. Also, instead of saying your attack powers name, describe the attack. Example:

Old Player – “I use footwork lure against the orc… I rolled a 15, does that hit?”

New Player – “Gerrington (characters name) switches his stance as he strikes at his foe, then nimbly tries to dodge aside and draw his enemy in”

This is to encourage characters to add to the story. It is ok to make some minor assumptions when role playing or even in combat if you think it will help the scene and atmosphere of the fight.

Action Points

* Action Points no longer reset to 1 at the end of a extended rest unless the character was at 0 before the rest.
* Characters can store up to 4 Action Points
* Action Points can be used for other effects besides gaining an additional standard action in combat

Example: My character has Improved Initiative and we just stumbled onto a group of pirates. Normally everyone would roll for initiative and combat would start from their but I want to spend an action point and say that my character reacts before he even knows it and I gain a surprise round.

Healing Surges

To show the extent of character wounds and to make it so players don’t heal up from life threatening wounds to one hundred percent from a 6 hour nap, we will create a new value for Healing Surges.
Every time a character gets reduced to 0 hp (knocked out) they reduce their maximum amount of healing surges for the next day to show injury. After a day and then a 6 hour rest, the character will raise the maximum by 1 showing the process of healing.
Example: Bob starts the adventure off with 12 Healing Surges (HS). He gets knocked out 4 times before he can rest. After his rest he will be at full life by will only have 8 HS. If he doesn’t get knocked out the second day then on the third day (and after a 6 hour rest) his HS will be up to 9.

Useful Ship Skills

Acrobatics – used on sailing vessels for climbing ropes and moving amongst the masts. Also used be everyone to avoid falling when the boat is rocking.
Arcana – used on ships that employ any magical enhancements such as elemental propulsion or weapons.
Athletics – used to haul lines and raise the anchor. On steam ships it is used for cranking valves and shoveling coal.
Endurance – used for long repetitive tasks that don’t take too much instant muscle action. Slowly adding coal to the steamer over a couple hours, i.e.
Heal – people get hurt.
History – knowledge of flags that are hoisted, along with class of ships or if it is a famous ship.
Nature – navigation and general water survival.
Perception – spotting islands, reefs, ships and other dangers can be useful before they sink you.
Stealth – rigging a ship to be dark, quite, or the likes for sneaking past blockades at night.
Thievery – fixing mekancial stuff, banging on engines

Ship Combat

  • Boarding
  • Short
  • Medium
  • Long
Ships attack size is a value given by the number and power of weapons on the ship. It can be up to one size larger than the ship hull size or down to none. In character scale most ships are of the Gargantuan size. These new sizes are purely comparing ships to one another.
Ship Hull Sizes:
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Huge
    Here is the chart for how many attacks are made against an opposing ship. The ship attack size is on the left, the defending hull size is on the top.
Small Medium Large Huge
Small 1A 1A 1A
Medium 2A 1A 1A 1A
Large 3A 2A 1A 1A
Huge 4A 3A 2A 1A

Attacks are 1d20 + highest stat modifier + 1/2 level vs the Fortitude of the enemy ship

Steps are as such:

No Damage
-1 Attacks & Defense
-2 Attacks & Defense
-3 Attacks & Defense
-4 Attacks & Defense
Helpless, taking on water

Home Brew Rules

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