Castle Cove

The main body of civilization on the new continent, Castle Cove is a spectacle to see even if it was back on the main lands. As you approach the coast by water, sheer cliffs rise up nearly two hundred feet towering over the ships that move in and out of the entrance to the cove. High upon the cliffs can be seen a shamble of buildings and with steam and smoke rising slowly into the air. As you pass into the cove and the water calms down, an assortment of water crafts meet your eyes. From the simple row boats and sailing ships to newer models of steamers, ships utilizing elemental propulsion to an iron clad war ship, all going about their own routines as you come to the massive docks that wrap around the inside of this large cove.

Some buildings are set upon the docks where workers unload cargo or produce to be counted before being hauled up to the city proper itself. Pully systems are set up around the edge of the cliff faces where the creaking wheels and the grinding of gears can be heard as large boxes are moved slowly up the sides of the cove like ancient elevators. A single path has been cut into the slanted section of the cove where a twenty foot wide path cuts back and forth as it climbs up to the city. All sorts of races and transportation can be seen going up or down this path and people make their way to either the city or down to the docks, the chattering of a multitude of voices and numerous languages ring out around you.

Welcome to Castle Cove.


The Docks – Surrounding the base of the cove is a large series of docks that handles all the traffic in and out of Castle Cove. Mostly dock workers, sailors and merchants frequent this area but it is also a good place to hear rumors from the sea. The Docks is the first place information comes in before spreading out to the rest of Castle Cove, and that information can generally be heard in The Salty Clam, the only tavern built down in the area.

Cliffside – As the name suggests, this is the first area of the city built up near the side of the cliffs. A mix of residential and small commercial buildings it is the more poorer area of Castle Cove.

Merchants Square

Locations of Note

Iron Hall – A compound used by the Dwarves that acts as their embassy and work area. It is fully walled in and has housing and smiths, barracks and offices.

Goblin Embassy – A large compound with a huge steam engine powering it, this building is the most technically advanced on the new lands. Gear doors open with pressure plate sensors and an air of cleanliness is almost palpable in this building.

The Salty Clam – This is the only tavern to operate down in the actual docks area. It is frequented by many different types of people, mostly dock workers, sailors and the less reputable. It is also often used as a location for meetings by those wanting to keep a somewhat low profile and mix in with the dingy atmosphere and hide away in the smokey haze of this tavern.

Castle Cove

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