Enchanted Gears

CCC - Massacare at the Salty Clam
Castle Cove Courier Headline

Numerous Dead, Some Wounded

By: Brin Jacks

What seemed to start out as some sort of bar room rush turned deadly as a someone unleashed psionic energies that caused eight patrons to be seriously injured or die from cranial bleeding. From the report by the City Watch, we found that a dwarf started the riot by laying a large bounty on a kobold that was in the tavern. After numerous dock workers started toward the kobold, an elf or eladrin with a large caliber rifle opened fire into the crowds wounding a couple of the brawlers.

The dead were seen being brought out of the Salty Clam after the incident and it will most likely remained closed for a day as the owner cleans up the mess caused by these unsavory types. A large search is on for the one suspect that is thought of doing the killings which is a Deva, one of the humanoid races that are considered loners from the rest of the civilization. The other Fey suspect is reported as wearing light armor and carrying a large caliber hydro-pressurized fire arm. If any reader knows of either of the two suspects please contact your local City Watch and help stem the violence in our wonderful city.

More Ships Go Missing

By: Megan Fenforl


CCC - Feywild Injunction
Castle Cove Courier Headline

Feywild Embassy Debacle

By: Jeorn Brimwald of the Castle Cove Courier

This just in, the Feywild Embassy has been charged on multiple accounts on acts of aggression towards members of the Dragonborn citizens. News has arrived that members of The Bellington’s shore party have brought different forms of evidence forward to help prove the deception that the Feywild have maintained for the past year. It has been known of a mine that was claimed by the Feywild a year ago to the South West of Castle Cove had been under contention by a family of Dragonborn by the name of Hullavarad.

With the new information in, the veil of the Feywild has been lifted to show that the Dragonborns were the original occupants of the mine and the Feywild had forcefully taken over operations there. A restless spirit trapped in the body of a Dragonborn defender spoke before the council telling the tale of a brutal attack by the Feywild and how he had been holding on to the mortal plane until Aidan retrieved his body to be brought back him back. This reporter finds it quite peculiar that a member of the Feywild and apparent employee of the Embassy at some point would commit such a betrayal but that is for further research.

Also information was retrieved by other sources of a journal of the head of the Hullavarad’s which dates their work and occupation of the mine which was also turned into the council. With such strong evidence, the Feywild portion of the Castle Cove Council has been removed and all the ambassadors are told to be under house arrest. Normal citizen workers of the embassy were allowed to leave but it looks like the power of the Feywild here in Castle Cove has come to an immediate decline from their distasteful actions.

Letter from Legate Norod to Counselor Torgnock
Message intercepted by the Blue Corsairs

As the smoke spilled across the deck of the pirate ship Frost Saber from a burning transport, captain Halbirnot opens a small chest which contains a pile of gold and a single letter on top of it. Looking around once more to make sure his crew was taking care of the salvage and the wounded, he lifts the chest with only a slight strain and makes his way to his quarters on the Frost Saber. Lifting out the letter he notices the script of the Goblins and becomes intrigued on who would be receiving this gold and letter that were locked away. Calling upon an ancient magic ritual the letters on the outside reshuffle themselves and become readable.

Counselor Torgnock,

You will be glad to note that you helped me get into my position here in Castle Cove now that something is happening in this barbaric land. It seems one of our great King’s sons has arrived and is keeping his profile low but doing work that will benefit our positions. He is traveling with a mixed crew on the ship The Bellington acting as part of their shore party. When I first found out that he was here I tried to see what he was doing in the Shattered Isles.

Apparently the Bellington was wrecked and the crew was able to get it moving on to Shipsgrave where something happened, I am unsure but I know they picked up another mercenary named Aidan who previously belonged to the Horizon Exploring Company. After getting to Castle Cove he was part of an expedition that went to the jungle to the North West and retrieved some small supply of Star metal. We know of the metal because they sold us some, and we know where they got it from talking to an husbandman who sold two pack lizards to a automaton calling itself Victor.

Not only have they supplied us with more Star metal to research on, which I might add is going successfully, they are taking upon themselves to discretely work on a dispute between the Feywild and the Dragonborn which may give us some of the Dragonborn’s resources! Yes, this is working out to be extremely useful and we will be able to push our expansion plans sooner than expected if they succeed at their task. We may have a small hand in helping them if they succeed, but we will make sure to not leave any tracks.

I am sending some money for yourself and also to give a cut to Korldnik, we need him to get more of his research our way so we can try using the Star metal and elemental stones here with his devices that he designs. Also to note, we may be able to track down Sprod Grundsik after all, the submersible will be ours, along with the precious cargo that we will get from it.

Our plans will continue to move forward, keep vigilant,
Legate Norod, Ambassador of Castle Cove



Victors encyclopedia of creature encounters

Automaton ‘Victor’ Journal Entry : 579



  • TYPE : Amphibious Biped
  • AGGRAVATION : Carnivorous Nature, Nutritional Satisfaction, Territorial
  • LOCATION : Miscellaneous islands, Shattered Islands, Reefs
  • RESULT : Negative,


Demi-human sized amphibious bipeds. Apparently highly adapted to aquatic environs and able combatants out of water. Weapons include use of claws, possibility of hand-held defense weapons. Likely rely on squad/group tactics. Leadership caste of species variant provides combat leadership and devastating presence.


Avoid if at all possible. Use terrain and geography to keep creatures at a distance. They can be dealt with with violence or escape, not likely subdued with vocal or physical communication.

Bloody Sahuagins
From the journal of Aidan

It started so well today. I was finishing my meal, and then that kobold and some of his friends walk in, and I finally think I have a way off this boat, and maybe I can find my companions, if they’re still alive. I dunno what they’re doing here, but I have some information at least, the authorities are looking for ‘em, and while I don’t typically like to get mixed up in matters of the unscrupulous, I figure if I help them, they might let me on their ship. And that’s what I need, most other ships have full crews, and don’t need another hired gun. This group though, seems to have had a member of ‘em die, some idiot charging in half-cocked or the like.

So, I tell the kobold that the guards are lookin’ for ‘im, and sure as rain, some guards make their way toward the tavern. Me and ‘im run, with their mechanikal friend in front of us, the automaton just charges ahead, while the kobold and me dive into a ready hole to a lower deck, and manage to shake off the guards. Seein’ ‘em in action like this, I can believe that this group really did kill a dragon, that’s the rumor that’s been floating about, at any rate. We get back to the ship, and lo and behold, the guards manage to track us here, after I got passage on the ship. It looks like a fight, but the goblin warrior makes a deal with the guards, if they find the kobold, they can take ‘im, and we go off in peace. Don’t really like the plan, seems as though you should be a little more loyal to your group, but then, then, the kobold (Kassik I think) and that Skaf fellow did bring it upon themselves, you don’t endanger your group without their consent at any rate.

Regardless, they didn’t find ‘im, and we managed to lay low enough for us to push off from this graveyard of a city. We set sail for the main city in this part of the world, where we see a ship on fire. The goblin asks why we’re going to help, and I readily realize that I’ve allied myself with a group that’s little better than a band of privateers. Turns out sahuagins, damned worshipers of some shark god, attacked, carrying off some ironwood, and more importantly, some crew. We agree to help, get a hefty reward out of it, and head on to the sahuagins’ cave. After a brief skirmish, where we wipe out the first guards from our ship, we dive in, and find ourselves facing more guards, some sort of priest, some elite warrior, and some giant, four-armed monstrosity.

We manage to wipe ‘em all out, except for the big guy, and that’s when things start to end poorly. I don’t remember the order, but we start dropping like flies, the mechanickal man, the goblin, the kobold, by the end of it, the thing runs off, wounded and bleeding, I’m the only one standin’. The automaton seems to die, or whatever it is that happens when they get broken, the other two live, and I stand ‘ere thinking: I should have known better than to believe the words they’ve spoken. Judgin’ on the stories they tell of their bard, and their performance here, they’re braggarts, not dragonslayers, but I guess this is the best shot I have, maybe I’ll find me friends, and can get back to an actual skilled group.

Rinse, Repeat, Die

Victor had left immediately to find others to help try to finish the job and ran into Skaf along the way. Skaf met up with Rolen and Kassik who thought that maybe they should go give the mechanithralls another try. After a discussion on tactics, they burst down towards the stairs to the second level of the cursed ship. Previously discussed plans were thrown to the wind as Rolen yet again took the lead and was pummeled mercilessly for his mistake. He had tumbled down a few of the stairs and lay prone in the middle on fire and freezing as the thralls moved up to try and deal with Kassik and Skaf.

Seeing Rolen lying on the stairs and bleeding out, Skaf used his powers to teleport next to Rolen and try to wake him up. With an overabundance born from fear of being caught between their enemies, Skaf mistakenly dashed Rolen’s head against the stairs as he tried to rouse Rolen. Rolen’s limp body tumbled down the steps to the bottom, no longer any ragged breathes coming from the still warm corpse. Skaf teleported himself back to the top of the stairs where Kassik and him held off one more thrall before escaping.

With Skaf and Kassik retreated, they now looked for a way to get out of their predicament as they saw their mark head off to his own ship. An idea was born to break into a pawn shop and find a necklace and hopefully some small magical item that would let them try and bluff their way into a large sum of money. Finding a pawn shop on the 3rd level, Skaf looked with his mystical sights and saw that there was magic to be found in the shop. At first trying to kick down the door and failing, Kassik opened it quickly by disabling the lock. Searching around they grabbed a handful of pendants and necklaces along with magical earrings and clothing. As they were discussing what they had found a slight noise caught their attention but it was too late. An old man with an ancient looking hand cannon took a shot at Skaf and a large cloud of smoke started to fill the room as Kassik and Skaf made a hast exit.

After connecting the earrings to an amulet, Skaf and Kassik went back to the bar but found that it was empty and a note was waiting for them ( Post in the Tavern ). Their employer had found out about the mark leaving, and left with the money in pursuit. With no large sum of money and one of their previous allies now dead, they did what was left to them, sat down for a drink and a game of Three Dragon Ante.

Post in the Tavern
A Letter to Kassik, Victor and Rolen

Dear Sirs

I regret to inform you that the deal we had previously agreed to has not come to pass. One of my ship hands spotted Tal Lorvas returning to his ship and setting sail. By the manner of his return we have assumed you failed at your task to acquire the amulet of the ship Nemeia. I fear that I fell for your story of defeating a dragon and believed you to be capable of handling this situation for me. Since you have failed, I have let my allies in the area know of the failures of the ship named The Bellington. Please do not take this as an insult, but my associates and I need reliable help at times and need to know who can perform when needed. I hope you enjoy your stay on Shipsgrave and the repairs to your ship are fast.



Trelwyn aiu Baron Arthur de Victoria

Trelwyn Arthur

Back to civilization

I knew it was too good to last. That island was a secluded paradise, exactly what I was looking for but it was only a matter of time before we got that heap seaworthy again. I found myself heading back to everything i was trying to avoid when suddenly another godsend, the first port we arrive at is nothing more than a bunch of ships lashed together, a queer sight indeed but a far sight more inviting to someone in my condition than cobbled roads and an organized law enforcement. When we made it ashore the crew and some of the more adventuresome travelers turned their attention to our ship, they still have dreams of making it to the intended port. I dont feel like expediting that process so I followed rolen (i give him a hard time but hes reliable in a pinch and hey, you kill a dragon with someone and an unspoken bond develops). Victor also came along, seems like he has grown bored with the boat, theres only so many notes a person (automaton) can write down about a floating bathtub. The three of us found our way to a pub, seemed seedy but i dont know what a normal pub would look like on floating town of boats. It actually reminded me of some establishments that i have used as a base of operations for some of the jobs ive pulled. We sat down to get some drinks and were approached by a half elf, rolen and him started talking and before i know it i find myself playing a card game for money and being taught the rules at the same time. I think they were trying to hustle some gold out of me (i didnt mind they were paying for my drinks) but ironically enough i ended up cleaning house for most of the game, rolen finally got a lucky hand and managed to almost break even. I suspect this is because the half elf got distracted and (what did i say about pulling a job or 2 from a place like this) started trying to hire us for a quick smash and grab. The mark was someone he had been following for a while and he offered a handsome amount of gold. His excuse for not doing it himself was that he didnt want to stir up trouble and (i think the booze helped) me and rolen had been doing a little bragging of our recent exploits. nevertheless we took the job, the mark was an amulet that was being used to reanimate an abomination of man twisted with machine. We found the ship in question and proceeded inside, the first room held some guards that were easily dispatched and sure enough were a gruesome twisting of what used to be living and machine. When they were dispatched, (with fairly little effort) Victor decided to rummage through the wreckage to find valuable addons for his frame. He looked a little clumbsy so i offered to help, he accepted my offer gratefully and as it turns out he shouldnt have. Ive worked machines and ive worked humans before, however this unnatural twisting of the 2 baffled me completely and i ended up just destroying anything of value in my search, embarrassing really. After my failure we decided to press on and came upon a room of more undead, 2 seemed to be radiating fire while the other 2 radiated an unnatural chill. Rolen decided that digression was not the greater form of valor and charged in. In the dim light and confusion im not sure what happened but rolen ended up tumbleing down the stairs and getting hurt badly, Victor and I had to give it our all to save him and barely escaped with our armor singed and our fingers cold. Perhaps we should find the others, there would still be plenty of gold to go around and it seems that a light touch is not applicable here.


It’s over, finally. About a week on this barren island, and we’re finally free sailing to, I hope, civilization. Or at least ale. The Bellington seems to be in good shape, we managed to scavenge a good bit of materials after we killed the dragon.

Oh. Right, the dragon. We managed to finally kill that blasted thing about five or six days ago, found our way to its lair, where a swarm of those little chicken drakes met us. After we managed to get through that, partially due to Underln’s divine bolts of pain, the blue bastard shows up, and we have to bolt like there’s no tomorrow. Had to dive back in to grab my sword, really should look into drawing and sheathing it faster. After outrunning the overgrown lizard, we managed to rest, and find a cavern of nests, which conveniently held building supplies, but we had dragon hunting on the mind. Well, that and elemental stones. After Kassik and I botched grabbing a couple of them out, I helped Underln watch for the dragon which managed to almost blindside us. It was a grueling battle that ended with Kassik blasting the damn thing’s brain through the eye, sending it careening into a pillar, nearly bringing the cavern down on our heads.

After that, it was a relatively easy trip to grab the materials, and find a way out that didn’t involve me falling to my death in a rocky, churning death pool. McDouglas was glad to see us, and put most of us to work on repairing the ship. Don’t recall seeing that runty kobold, or the Kenku help at all, but it doesn’t matter. We’re off this damn rock finally, and I can taste the ale that I’ll buy the moment we hit civilized shores.

Efforts of Strumdor McDouglas


Three days.

Now things are finally picking up. The thought of dying from starvation or lack of water has spilled from the rest of the boys minds. With the Captain dead and Elithwin missing nobody really knew what to do or who to look to. A few of the passengers of The Bellington are full on adventurers at heart, setting out to explore the surrounding area. For me, I would rather just stay within sight of the ship.

After the first days misshapes the second day got off with me and the boys talking about what to do to get off this island. The ship wasn’t sunk but we needed supplies to fix it. I guess our secondary cargo of tools for one of the new land cities will come in more handy than I thought. We had crates of picks, axes, saws, hammers and other items that are in high demand by the throngs of bodies needing to be put to work out in the Shatter Islands. We split up into a couple groups on the second day. Using a few of the passengers sitting around we sent the dingy we had out to load up supplies from the ship. Another group went out to start hauling in fresh water for others. The last group started work on some primitive fortifications to help us rest against the heat and also if it rains. A separate group of passengers; Kassik, Mayhem, Rolen de Felkirk, Skaf and Victor left in a West by North West direction in the morning. Exploring. Humpf, no time for that for us, but maybe they will find food or something useful. Probably not. At least Undrln stayed back and used his medicines to help the wounded.

During the third day something terrible showed itself. Looks like a Blue Dragon lives somewhere abouts on this island. All the more reason for us to get out of here. Some of the boys did some fishing about and nabbed a few edibles. We also recovered some buckets to fill with water. With tools now, we can start collecting supplies and soon enough start repairing the ship. Dark clouds are creeping towards the island today which means rain, and by the look of it a lot. The roaming passengers returned in the evening with some sea mammals meat and large fruits. Apparently their trekking did come in useful after all. It has begun to rain, and I don’t have a good feeling about how the clouds seem to be converging on this island. Cursed or not, hopefully it passes so we can get to work getting off of here.


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