Level 5
Psionic Leader(Based off of Ardent Class)


  1. Str: 10
  2. Con: 14
  3. Dex: 10
  4. Int: 13
  5. Wis: 14
  6. Char: 18
  7. Hp: 47
  8. Healing Surges: 9
  9. AC: 20
  10. Ref: 18
  11. Fort: 16
  12. Will: 20

Utility Power: Soothing Words: Daily, Standard Action, Target: Close Burst 5(Each Ally who can hear you in burst), Effect: When each ally spends one or more healing surges at the end of the short rest they gain additional hit points equal to charisma modifer.
Encounter: Psionic Shield: Psionic, Weapon, Standard Action, Melee Weapon, Target: One Creature, Attack: Charisma vs. AC, Hit: 2[W]+Charisma Modifier, and each ally within 5 squares of you gains a +2 power bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn.
At-Will: Energizing Strike: Healing, Psionic, Weapon, Standard Action, Melee Weapon, Targetl One Creature,Attack: Charisma vs. AC, Hit: 1[W]+Charisma Modifier, and one ally within 5 squares gains temporary hit points equal to one-half your level + charisma modifier.

Feature: Twice per encounter as a minor action, a leader can allow an ally within 5 squares of the leader to spend a healing surge.

Attack Bonus: 11
Damage Bonus(Cha): +6

Skills: Diplomacy – 11, Streetwise – 11

Main Equipment: Longspear, Leather Armor



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