Trelwyn Arthur

A young elf noble on a hunt


Wearing nice clothes, this Elf seems out of place in the lowly taverns he frequents while sailing around the Shattered Isle. He is of a fair complexion and not the most handsomest Elf but he wields a silver tongue that turns the minds of whom he speaks with.


Seeming like a fopish Elf noble, Trelwyn Arthur is a noble from Victoria who was sent to the new world on a quest. He is part of an organization that deals with the dead and who is hunting down Tal Lorvas. It is Trelwyn’s goal to stop Tal Lorvas from what ever he is planning which included hiring the PC’s to muscle their way through to Tal Lorvas when he was on Shipsgrave. Some of the adventurers encountered Tal Lorvas on an ancient Tiefling ship named the Nemeia where Lorvas was searching for some amulet that dealt with necrotic powers of the past. Unable to best his guards the adventurers retreated and Trelwyn sent some word about to associates that the men from The Bellington had failed.

Trelwyn Arthur

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