Mechanikal man, grim, dark and melancholy. Stiff and naive but cunning and aware.


STR 19
CON 19
DEX 10
INT 11
WIS 13
CHA 08

AC 21 FORT 19 / REF / 14 / WILL 15
Initiative : 2 SPEED : 6
Passive Insight/Perception : 13
Melee Basic w/Power Wrench : +9 @ 1d12+5
HP: 58 Surge : 14 Surges/Day : 12

Warforged Racial Features/Barbarian Class Abilities (Rage Blood)
Athletics +10
Endurance +12
Arcana (Mechanika) +7

Lightning War Pick (+1) – Power Wrench
Bloodcut Hide Armor (+1) – Laminate Steel Reinforcement
Arcanist’s Goggles – Ocular Diagnostics
Amulet of Protection – Upgraded Software and Resin covered internal components
Pierced Heart Tattoo – Paint Job
Executioner’s Bracers – Software Hole, weak existing programming on empathy

BACKGROUND : Arcane Sentinel (master has disappeared across the sea)


Created in a laboratory in the city-state of Thesolous HE became activated as a servitor. With little memory or cognitive abilities. HIS creator bestowed a more complex means of intelligence using a stolen organic brain and mechanikal cortex components. The organic brain was programmed like a computer and the machine activated. Whether the experiment was meant as research to fuel the great wars states battles to the south or as an individual’s commercial or personal achievement is unknown but HE survives as a testament to the power of mechanika. Left un-activated in the laboratory HE never saw his master for more than several basic learning sessions. He learned his master’s name “Victor”. One day upon being activated HE noticed the building that housed him was looted, sacked, and burning…his creator gone with MOST of his notes.

After his captors had sold HIM as a prize to Alchemists HE began to learn. Being studied by the Alchemists was torturous but HE could not disobey commands given by mages. A great phosphorescent badge was discovered as his source of restriction. Secretly HE had been learning the craft of the Alchemists and gathering clues as to his master’s whereabouts as well as the strange runes carved into some of his key components. Although not altogether unique as a mechanikal man (robot) creations of his magnitude are uncommon if not rare. HE did learn of a race of mechanikal men created hundreds of years ago for the armies of the warring states. From what he has learned those that are left are menial laborers and barely function but HE is based off of their mechanikal technologies. After a long day of serving drinks on his new master’s sail barge and translating negotiations HE was left to tend to the endless menial chores that was his lot. While tending to the cellars a pair of miscreants sat in manacles pending his master’s justice. These strangers were keen, started conversation, and detected the reservoir of cunning behind his mechanikal eyes. After trading stories with his master’s captives they struck a deal in exchange for setting the captives free they would unfasten his restraining bolt so he’d be free as well.

After escaping HE left the city and explored at random running into all manner of trouble. Recently he has tracked the location his cortex was manufactured : the city of Kalidan. Getting lucky and progressively more knowledgeable and cunning HE has acquired a job working the docks by day. His nights however are spent reading technical guides and learning the art of Arcanika. If he can learn enough about himself and his technologies he might be able to piece together why he was built, where his master is, and what he needs to do.

The Barbarian class was chosen to represent the force at which a heavily built robot can produce. Being made of steel and other metals and wood he brings a lot of weight to bear and the class seems suiting to that potential. The DragonMark of Scribing represents a portion of his programming and fast runner a mechanikal advantage.

He is called Victor because that was his master’s name and he has asked so many people “where” victor is they have all come to mock him by calling him by the name which he inquires. It has been four years since his master’s disappearance so he has become accustomed to introducing himself now as Victor.

Fairly generic, much like a star wars droid. Heavy metal boots and barrel chest with a bucket style head while his limbs and joints are more ‘boney’ with levers and gears.


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