Rolen de Felkirk

Half-Elf gambler from a noble house, on the run.


Half-Elf Bard.


The de Felkirk family, for a time, was a lineage that commanded respect and loyalty in the Free City of Kalidan, and was known throughout the city. That is, until the Merchant caste became a strong powerbroker in the city, leaving the old nobility at a loss. Rolen’s grandparents predicted the change, and overhauled the house, funneling their wealth into creating business opportunities, and while not extremely successful, they managed to keep a steady income of wealth into the family, with their arcane research and development, which Rolen’s parents, Quinn and the first Elven member of the de Felkirks, Keyleth continued.

Rolen learned the arcane arts from his family, to give him a basis in the research and trade that his family plied in, but rapidly came to realize that business was not his forte, and out of unhappiness turned to gambling. His younger brother, Pieter, ended up being groomed as the de Felkirk heir, leaving Rolen to his gambling and unsavory underworld contacts. Being eldest, he was entrusted with the ancestral de Felkirk blade, which had had numerous modifications to it, in 70 years it had existed.

Prior to arranging passage on the Bellington Rolen was involved in a gambling deal gone bad, which ended with Corrin Fairtrader, a halfing merchant, with a bullet between the eyes, and Rolen scrambling for a way out of town.

Rolen de Felkirk

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