Enchanted Gears

Post in the Tavern

A Letter to Kassik, Victor and Rolen

Dear Sirs

I regret to inform you that the deal we had previously agreed to has not come to pass. One of my ship hands spotted Tal Lorvas returning to his ship and setting sail. By the manner of his return we have assumed you failed at your task to acquire the amulet of the ship Nemeia. I fear that I fell for your story of defeating a dragon and believed you to be capable of handling this situation for me. Since you have failed, I have let my allies in the area know of the failures of the ship named The Bellington. Please do not take this as an insult, but my associates and I need reliable help at times and need to know who can perform when needed. I hope you enjoy your stay on Shipsgrave and the repairs to your ship are fast.



Trelwyn aiu Baron Arthur de Victoria

Trelwyn Arthur


AKBanse AKBanse

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