Enchanted Gears


Efforts of Strumdor McDouglas


Three days.

Now things are finally picking up. The thought of dying from starvation or lack of water has spilled from the rest of the boys minds. With the Captain dead and Elithwin missing nobody really knew what to do or who to look to. A few of the passengers of The Bellington are full on adventurers at heart, setting out to explore the surrounding area. For me, I would rather just stay within sight of the ship.

After the first days misshapes the second day got off with me and the boys talking about what to do to get off this island. The ship wasn’t sunk but we needed supplies to fix it. I guess our secondary cargo of tools for one of the new land cities will come in more handy than I thought. We had crates of picks, axes, saws, hammers and other items that are in high demand by the throngs of bodies needing to be put to work out in the Shatter Islands. We split up into a couple groups on the second day. Using a few of the passengers sitting around we sent the dingy we had out to load up supplies from the ship. Another group went out to start hauling in fresh water for others. The last group started work on some primitive fortifications to help us rest against the heat and also if it rains. A separate group of passengers; Kassik, Mayhem, Rolen de Felkirk, Skaf and Victor left in a West by North West direction in the morning. Exploring. Humpf, no time for that for us, but maybe they will find food or something useful. Probably not. At least Undrln stayed back and used his medicines to help the wounded.

During the third day something terrible showed itself. Looks like a Blue Dragon lives somewhere abouts on this island. All the more reason for us to get out of here. Some of the boys did some fishing about and nabbed a few edibles. We also recovered some buckets to fill with water. With tools now, we can start collecting supplies and soon enough start repairing the ship. Dark clouds are creeping towards the island today which means rain, and by the look of it a lot. The roaming passengers returned in the evening with some sea mammals meat and large fruits. Apparently their trekking did come in useful after all. It has begun to rain, and I don’t have a good feeling about how the clouds seem to be converging on this island. Cursed or not, hopefully it passes so we can get to work getting off of here.


AKBanse AKBanse

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