Enchanted Gears

Letter from Legate Norod to Counselor Torgnock

Message intercepted by the Blue Corsairs

As the smoke spilled across the deck of the pirate ship Frost Saber from a burning transport, captain Halbirnot opens a small chest which contains a pile of gold and a single letter on top of it. Looking around once more to make sure his crew was taking care of the salvage and the wounded, he lifts the chest with only a slight strain and makes his way to his quarters on the Frost Saber. Lifting out the letter he notices the script of the Goblins and becomes intrigued on who would be receiving this gold and letter that were locked away. Calling upon an ancient magic ritual the letters on the outside reshuffle themselves and become readable.

Counselor Torgnock,

You will be glad to note that you helped me get into my position here in Castle Cove now that something is happening in this barbaric land. It seems one of our great King’s sons has arrived and is keeping his profile low but doing work that will benefit our positions. He is traveling with a mixed crew on the ship The Bellington acting as part of their shore party. When I first found out that he was here I tried to see what he was doing in the Shattered Isles.

Apparently the Bellington was wrecked and the crew was able to get it moving on to Shipsgrave where something happened, I am unsure but I know they picked up another mercenary named Aidan who previously belonged to the Horizon Exploring Company. After getting to Castle Cove he was part of an expedition that went to the jungle to the North West and retrieved some small supply of Star metal. We know of the metal because they sold us some, and we know where they got it from talking to an husbandman who sold two pack lizards to a automaton calling itself Victor.

Not only have they supplied us with more Star metal to research on, which I might add is going successfully, they are taking upon themselves to discretely work on a dispute between the Feywild and the Dragonborn which may give us some of the Dragonborn’s resources! Yes, this is working out to be extremely useful and we will be able to push our expansion plans sooner than expected if they succeed at their task. We may have a small hand in helping them if they succeed, but we will make sure to not leave any tracks.

I am sending some money for yourself and also to give a cut to Korldnik, we need him to get more of his research our way so we can try using the Star metal and elemental stones here with his devices that he designs. Also to note, we may be able to track down Sprod Grundsik after all, the submersible will be ours, along with the precious cargo that we will get from it.

Our plans will continue to move forward, keep vigilant,
Legate Norod, Ambassador of Castle Cove


AKBanse AKBanse

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