Enchanted Gears


It’s over, finally. About a week on this barren island, and we’re finally free sailing to, I hope, civilization. Or at least ale. The Bellington seems to be in good shape, we managed to scavenge a good bit of materials after we killed the dragon.

Oh. Right, the dragon. We managed to finally kill that blasted thing about five or six days ago, found our way to its lair, where a swarm of those little chicken drakes met us. After we managed to get through that, partially due to Underln’s divine bolts of pain, the blue bastard shows up, and we have to bolt like there’s no tomorrow. Had to dive back in to grab my sword, really should look into drawing and sheathing it faster. After outrunning the overgrown lizard, we managed to rest, and find a cavern of nests, which conveniently held building supplies, but we had dragon hunting on the mind. Well, that and elemental stones. After Kassik and I botched grabbing a couple of them out, I helped Underln watch for the dragon which managed to almost blindside us. It was a grueling battle that ended with Kassik blasting the damn thing’s brain through the eye, sending it careening into a pillar, nearly bringing the cavern down on our heads.

After that, it was a relatively easy trip to grab the materials, and find a way out that didn’t involve me falling to my death in a rocky, churning death pool. McDouglas was glad to see us, and put most of us to work on repairing the ship. Don’t recall seeing that runty kobold, or the Kenku help at all, but it doesn’t matter. We’re off this damn rock finally, and I can taste the ale that I’ll buy the moment we hit civilized shores.


AKBanse kaisel

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