Enchanted Gears


Rinse, Repeat, Die

Victor had left immediately to find others to help try to finish the job and ran into Skaf along the way. Skaf met up with Rolen and Kassik who thought that maybe they should go give the mechanithralls another try. After a discussion on tactics, they burst down towards the stairs to the second level of the cursed ship. Previously discussed plans were thrown to the wind as Rolen yet again took the lead and was pummeled mercilessly for his mistake. He had tumbled down a few of the stairs and lay prone in the middle on fire and freezing as the thralls moved up to try and deal with Kassik and Skaf.

Seeing Rolen lying on the stairs and bleeding out, Skaf used his powers to teleport next to Rolen and try to wake him up. With an overabundance born from fear of being caught between their enemies, Skaf mistakenly dashed Rolen’s head against the stairs as he tried to rouse Rolen. Rolen’s limp body tumbled down the steps to the bottom, no longer any ragged breathes coming from the still warm corpse. Skaf teleported himself back to the top of the stairs where Kassik and him held off one more thrall before escaping.

With Skaf and Kassik retreated, they now looked for a way to get out of their predicament as they saw their mark head off to his own ship. An idea was born to break into a pawn shop and find a necklace and hopefully some small magical item that would let them try and bluff their way into a large sum of money. Finding a pawn shop on the 3rd level, Skaf looked with his mystical sights and saw that there was magic to be found in the shop. At first trying to kick down the door and failing, Kassik opened it quickly by disabling the lock. Searching around they grabbed a handful of pendants and necklaces along with magical earrings and clothing. As they were discussing what they had found a slight noise caught their attention but it was too late. An old man with an ancient looking hand cannon took a shot at Skaf and a large cloud of smoke started to fill the room as Kassik and Skaf made a hast exit.

After connecting the earrings to an amulet, Skaf and Kassik went back to the bar but found that it was empty and a note was waiting for them ( Post in the Tavern ). Their employer had found out about the mark leaving, and left with the money in pursuit. With no large sum of money and one of their previous allies now dead, they did what was left to them, sat down for a drink and a game of Three Dragon Ante.


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