Enchanted Gears

CCC - Massacare at the Salty Clam

Castle Cove Courier Headline

Numerous Dead, Some Wounded

By: Brin Jacks

What seemed to start out as some sort of bar room rush turned deadly as a someone unleashed psionic energies that caused eight patrons to be seriously injured or die from cranial bleeding. From the report by the City Watch, we found that a dwarf started the riot by laying a large bounty on a kobold that was in the tavern. After numerous dock workers started toward the kobold, an elf or eladrin with a large caliber rifle opened fire into the crowds wounding a couple of the brawlers.

The dead were seen being brought out of the Salty Clam after the incident and it will most likely remained closed for a day as the owner cleans up the mess caused by these unsavory types. A large search is on for the one suspect that is thought of doing the killings which is a Deva, one of the humanoid races that are considered loners from the rest of the civilization. The other Fey suspect is reported as wearing light armor and carrying a large caliber hydro-pressurized fire arm. If any reader knows of either of the two suspects please contact your local City Watch and help stem the violence in our wonderful city.

More Ships Go Missing

By: Megan Fenforl



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