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CCC - Feywild Injunction

Castle Cove Courier Headline

Feywild Embassy Debacle

By: Jeorn Brimwald of the Castle Cove Courier

This just in, the Feywild Embassy has been charged on multiple accounts on acts of aggression towards members of the Dragonborn citizens. News has arrived that members of The Bellington’s shore party have brought different forms of evidence forward to help prove the deception that the Feywild have maintained for the past year. It has been known of a mine that was claimed by the Feywild a year ago to the South West of Castle Cove had been under contention by a family of Dragonborn by the name of Hullavarad.

With the new information in, the veil of the Feywild has been lifted to show that the Dragonborns were the original occupants of the mine and the Feywild had forcefully taken over operations there. A restless spirit trapped in the body of a Dragonborn defender spoke before the council telling the tale of a brutal attack by the Feywild and how he had been holding on to the mortal plane until Aidan retrieved his body to be brought back him back. This reporter finds it quite peculiar that a member of the Feywild and apparent employee of the Embassy at some point would commit such a betrayal but that is for further research.

Also information was retrieved by other sources of a journal of the head of the Hullavarad’s which dates their work and occupation of the mine which was also turned into the council. With such strong evidence, the Feywild portion of the Castle Cove Council has been removed and all the ambassadors are told to be under house arrest. Normal citizen workers of the embassy were allowed to leave but it looks like the power of the Feywild here in Castle Cove has come to an immediate decline from their distasteful actions.


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