Enchanted Gears

Bloody Sahuagins

From the journal of Aidan

It started so well today. I was finishing my meal, and then that kobold and some of his friends walk in, and I finally think I have a way off this boat, and maybe I can find my companions, if they’re still alive. I dunno what they’re doing here, but I have some information at least, the authorities are looking for ‘em, and while I don’t typically like to get mixed up in matters of the unscrupulous, I figure if I help them, they might let me on their ship. And that’s what I need, most other ships have full crews, and don’t need another hired gun. This group though, seems to have had a member of ‘em die, some idiot charging in half-cocked or the like.

So, I tell the kobold that the guards are lookin’ for ‘im, and sure as rain, some guards make their way toward the tavern. Me and ‘im run, with their mechanikal friend in front of us, the automaton just charges ahead, while the kobold and me dive into a ready hole to a lower deck, and manage to shake off the guards. Seein’ ‘em in action like this, I can believe that this group really did kill a dragon, that’s the rumor that’s been floating about, at any rate. We get back to the ship, and lo and behold, the guards manage to track us here, after I got passage on the ship. It looks like a fight, but the goblin warrior makes a deal with the guards, if they find the kobold, they can take ‘im, and we go off in peace. Don’t really like the plan, seems as though you should be a little more loyal to your group, but then, then, the kobold (Kassik I think) and that Skaf fellow did bring it upon themselves, you don’t endanger your group without their consent at any rate.

Regardless, they didn’t find ‘im, and we managed to lay low enough for us to push off from this graveyard of a city. We set sail for the main city in this part of the world, where we see a ship on fire. The goblin asks why we’re going to help, and I readily realize that I’ve allied myself with a group that’s little better than a band of privateers. Turns out sahuagins, damned worshipers of some shark god, attacked, carrying off some ironwood, and more importantly, some crew. We agree to help, get a hefty reward out of it, and head on to the sahuagins’ cave. After a brief skirmish, where we wipe out the first guards from our ship, we dive in, and find ourselves facing more guards, some sort of priest, some elite warrior, and some giant, four-armed monstrosity.

We manage to wipe ‘em all out, except for the big guy, and that’s when things start to end poorly. I don’t remember the order, but we start dropping like flies, the mechanickal man, the goblin, the kobold, by the end of it, the thing runs off, wounded and bleeding, I’m the only one standin’. The automaton seems to die, or whatever it is that happens when they get broken, the other two live, and I stand ‘ere thinking: I should have known better than to believe the words they’ve spoken. Judgin’ on the stories they tell of their bard, and their performance here, they’re braggarts, not dragonslayers, but I guess this is the best shot I have, maybe I’ll find me friends, and can get back to an actual skilled group.


AKBanse kaisel

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