Enchanted Gears

Back to civilization

I knew it was too good to last. That island was a secluded paradise, exactly what I was looking for but it was only a matter of time before we got that heap seaworthy again. I found myself heading back to everything i was trying to avoid when suddenly another godsend, the first port we arrive at is nothing more than a bunch of ships lashed together, a queer sight indeed but a far sight more inviting to someone in my condition than cobbled roads and an organized law enforcement. When we made it ashore the crew and some of the more adventuresome travelers turned their attention to our ship, they still have dreams of making it to the intended port. I dont feel like expediting that process so I followed rolen (i give him a hard time but hes reliable in a pinch and hey, you kill a dragon with someone and an unspoken bond develops). Victor also came along, seems like he has grown bored with the boat, theres only so many notes a person (automaton) can write down about a floating bathtub. The three of us found our way to a pub, seemed seedy but i dont know what a normal pub would look like on floating town of boats. It actually reminded me of some establishments that i have used as a base of operations for some of the jobs ive pulled. We sat down to get some drinks and were approached by a half elf, rolen and him started talking and before i know it i find myself playing a card game for money and being taught the rules at the same time. I think they were trying to hustle some gold out of me (i didnt mind they were paying for my drinks) but ironically enough i ended up cleaning house for most of the game, rolen finally got a lucky hand and managed to almost break even. I suspect this is because the half elf got distracted and (what did i say about pulling a job or 2 from a place like this) started trying to hire us for a quick smash and grab. The mark was someone he had been following for a while and he offered a handsome amount of gold. His excuse for not doing it himself was that he didnt want to stir up trouble and (i think the booze helped) me and rolen had been doing a little bragging of our recent exploits. nevertheless we took the job, the mark was an amulet that was being used to reanimate an abomination of man twisted with machine. We found the ship in question and proceeded inside, the first room held some guards that were easily dispatched and sure enough were a gruesome twisting of what used to be living and machine. When they were dispatched, (with fairly little effort) Victor decided to rummage through the wreckage to find valuable addons for his frame. He looked a little clumbsy so i offered to help, he accepted my offer gratefully and as it turns out he shouldnt have. Ive worked machines and ive worked humans before, however this unnatural twisting of the 2 baffled me completely and i ended up just destroying anything of value in my search, embarrassing really. After my failure we decided to press on and came upon a room of more undead, 2 seemed to be radiating fire while the other 2 radiated an unnatural chill. Rolen decided that digression was not the greater form of valor and charged in. In the dim light and confusion im not sure what happened but rolen ended up tumbleing down the stairs and getting hurt badly, Victor and I had to give it our all to save him and barely escaped with our armor singed and our fingers cold. Perhaps we should find the others, there would still be plenty of gold to go around and it seems that a light touch is not applicable here.


AKBanse Dymarr

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